Software Engineering

- Google's Engineering Practices documentation
- Software Engineering Within SpaceX
- Software Architecture Guide
- Tips on reading and debugging other programmers' code
- On Pair Programming
- Goodbye, Clean Code
- Why are we so bad at software engineering?
- How to do Code Review Without Being a Jerk

Tech Career

- How To Be Successful
- Don't Call Yourself A Programmer, And Other Career Advice
- 101+ Coding Interview Problems + Solutions
- How to learn things at 1000x the speed
- The Product-Minded Software Engineer
- The Leadership Library for Engineers
- On being a generalist
- You’re not writing code, you’re solving problems
- The Best Medium-Hard Data Analyst SQL Interview Questions
- Questions to help people decide what to learn

Version Control

- 99% of the Git commands you'll need at work, demonstrated in a single script
- Git Tricks: Avoiding merge when dealing with remote conflicts
- Successfully Merging the Work of 1000+ Developers.
- Git: Cheat Sheet (advanced).
- Git from the inside out
- How to write the perfect pull request
- Git branch naming conventions

Backend Engineering

- You're Probably Storing Passwords Incorrectly
- Automated Continuous Deployment at Heroku
- Learn how YOU can get started with Docker and Kubernetes
- How to SSH Properly
- Distributed architecture concepts I learned while building a large payments system
- Build a WhatsApp Chatbot With Python, Flask and Twilio.
- JavaScript Visualized: Event Loop.
- Why Is It Important To Test Website From Different IP locations?.
- Building a search engine from scratch
- Don't Do This in PostgreSQL
- API Security Best Practices Mega Guide
- Scaling to 100k Users.
- Concurrent programming, with examples
- Things I Wished More Developers Knew About Databases.
- Shell productivity tips and tricks
- SSH Tips & Tricks

Frontend Engineering

- 55 lessons from 5 years in React
- List of topics that may or may not constitute front-end architecture
- Build your own React
- Ultimate tools to create a hit HTML5 game on Steam.
- Thinking in React Hooks
- Front-End Performance Checklist
- Fake APIs You Can Use to Practice Front End
- How to make your web app work offline
- How to manage HTML DOM with vanilla JavaScript only?
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