Creating your Gemography profile is as simple as entering your name, email, and specifying your job preferences. Also, did we mention no cover letter, CV or resume needed? Sign up today.  

Within 48 hours (or less), our team will reach out to you regarding the first step of the screening process, which is a short, multi-choice quiz. 

What happens after the quiz, will depend on your results of course, but here's a rough idea of what you can expect: 

  1. 5-min Video Screen*
  2. Short Take-Home Test*
  3. 60-min Technical Interview
  4. 60-min Soft-Skills Interview

*The 1st and 2nd steps are optional if your quiz results are above a certain threshold (~60th percentile). 

Successfully completing our screening process, means you're accepted into the Gemography network, and so, it won't be long before you start receiving interview requests directly from interested tech companies.